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On a daily basis, the Resource Center provides a range of services for CSOs and activists, necessary for their work and activities. In order to improve service delivery, the CSO Service Manual was created and published in Montenegrin, Albanian and English.All services under this type of support (apart from a daily review of NGO activities) are available for interested parties from 10-14h from Monday to Thursday.


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Support the establishment of NGOs

Interested individuals and legal entities who wish to establish an NGO, will receive relevant advisory councils, forms of registration required, procedures for opening a bank account, text of NGO law and other necessary information and specific instructions. Since the forms for establishing associations and foundations are complete, and they involve the filing out of segments that exclusively depend on the decision of interested parties, CRNVO will not prepare complete acts on behalf of interested persons, but will certainly provide all necessary advice on how this should be done.

Forms for establishing foundations

Obrazac statuta fondacije

Obrazac zapisnika fondacije

Uputstvo za popunjvanje statuta fondacije

Obrazac prijave za upis u registar MJU

Obrazac odluke o osnivanju fondacije

Forms for establishing associations

Uputstvo za popunjavanje osnivačkog akta

Obrazac zapisnika sa osnivačke skupštine

Obrazac prijave za upis u registar MJU

Uputstvo za izradu statuta

Obrazac odluke o osnivanju

Obrazac prijave za upis u registar MJU

Legal and financial advice for work of NGO

Interested non-governmental organizations will receive legal and financial advice on daily business. These issues include labor relations, tax issues and other legal issues that apply to the work of NGOs.

Consultations in the preparation and realization of projects
(domestic local and national calls for project proposals submission, projects financed from EU funds, calls by other donors)

This service includes giving general comments and suggestions to a full working version of the project proposal. Projects should be delivered exclusively by e-mail. CRNVO can provide advice on the overall compatibility of the project proposal with the specific call, project objectives, and the amount of the budget.

Note: This service excludes the ability of CRNVO and local resource centres to write project proposals for other organizations.

Daily information concerning public calls for NGOs, events, news in regards to NGOs through CRNVO Mailing list

This service involves providing important information for the work of NGOs on a daily basis. The information refers to public invitations of state bodies related to the preparation of public policies (strategies, laws, etc.), events organized by state and local government bodies, information on competitions for the allocation of funds for NGOs and other relevant information.

CRNVO e-mail newsletter

The CRNVO e-mail list was established in 2001 in order to exchange information between NGOs with an emphasis on information related to the environment in which NGOs operate in Montenegro. The e-mail list aims to provide better information on available competitions, public hearings, opportunities to participate in bodies forming public sector institutions, legal obligations of NGOs, available trainings, events organized by NGOs, initiatives, and other information relevant to NGOs. The specific goal of establishing the CRNVO e-mail list is to encourage dialogue between users, exchange of opinions and views on issues related to the work and activities of NGOs. Users of the CRNVO e-mail list are predominantly NGOs, but also other legal and natural persons who are interested in receiving and placing information related to NGOs. All users of the list have the same rights in terms of timely receipt of information – all information reaches all users of the list at the same time.

Prijava na CRNVO e-mail listu

Issues related to communication and cooperation between the Government of Montenegro and NGO

This service refers to the possibility of obtaining all acts regulating communication and cooperation between the Government and NGOs (strategies, laws, regulations, decisions, etc.) including clarifications of certain regulations.

Issues related to communication and cooperation between local self-governments and NGOs

This service refers to the possibility of obtaining all acts regulating communication and cooperation of local governments and NGOs (strategies, decisions, etc.) including clarifications of certain regulations.

Networking and building partnerships at national and local level

This service relates to the opportunity to obtain information on other non-governmental organizations at the national and local level working in the same areas in order to encourage cooperation. Also, this service should help NGOs in seeking partner organizations with which it is possible to achieve project and strategic cooperation.

Information on donors

This service refers to the opportunity to obtain information about the donors. This service includes providing information on current donors for NGOs in Montenegro, contact details and information on the priorities, methods of financing, deadlines, submission of application forms etc.

Support in communicating with the public

Civil society organizations have been enabled to support the organization / preparation of press conferences and similar events (trainings, workshops, meetings) in the premises of national and local resource centres equipped for this purpose. NGOs can get support in preparing press releases and communication with the media.

Mentoring support of NGOs in preparing initiatives, comments and suggestions related to public policies concerning the cooperation of NGOs and state bodies, NGO participation in decision-making, as well as transparency and accountability of civil servants.

In order to support NGOs at the local and national level in preparing the initiatives, comments and suggestions related to public policies, as well as encouraging greater participation of NGOs in the decision-making process, mentoring support is provided by the team of state and local resource centres. Mentoring is a process in which national and local resource centres follow the initiative of NGOs from the very beginning, through drafting to the submission and achievement of the end result, providing support at every step.

Ask for support

In accordance with the recommendations of the National Coordination Team for Infectious Diseases of Montenegro, the Resource Center reserves the right to organize meetings online.

Deadline for submission of responses

National and local resource centers are required to respond to a written electronic request for service within 72 hours and provide further instructions regarding service provision.