Resursni Centar

Goals and activities

Goals and activities

The overall objective of the project

Empowered CSOs to actively contribute to development of participatory democracy in Montenegro.

The specific objective of the project

Improved capacities of CSOs to be effective and accountable independent actors and to contribute to environment that is conducive to civil society.

The specific objective will be achieved through achieving the following results: Improved quality of support services to CSO provided by Resource Centers, Enhanced capacities of CSOs and CSO networks for organizational development, long term planning, sustainability, effectiveness and participation in decision-making.

Improved enabling environment for the civil society: the civil dialogue is improved, state support to CSOs is consistent, and citizens’ trust in CSOs is increased.

Project activities

Establishing Resource centre’s consortium Advisory body

Creating manual for providing services to CSOs by Resource centre consortium (National and Local resource centres)

Organizing training program for Local resource centres for providing services

Providing standardized Help desk service- by National and Local resource centres

Providing PR support to CSOs

Publishing E-magazine for CSOs

Creation of Data base of re-grantees of CSF program

Organizing 6 one day consultations for CSOs on issues relevant for their work

Signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation with the Montenegrin Academy of Science and Art

Defining and publishing annual catalogues of trainings for CSOs

Organizing Trainings for small and underdeveloped  CSOs

Organizing Trainings for semi developed CSOs

Organizing capacity building program for CSOs to provide support to third parties – CNVOS

Conducting program for development of networks and coalitions

Organizing NGO Fairs and donor Forums

Mentoring support for CSOs in submitting initiatives, comments and suggestions on public policies 

Providing Analysis related to the participation of CSOs in decision making processes on national and local level

Providing Analysis related to public funding of CSOs

Analysis Related to citizens’ trust in CSOs

Organizing Conference on the Enabling environment for CSOs