Improving the capacity of civil society organizations

Improving the capacity of civil society organizations

Improving the capacity of civil society organizations

About the program

An important segment of the project is the continuous training that is organized for civil society organizations. Training topics are defined by the Resource Centers in direct communication with CSOs, through online surveys, research on the needs of civil society and through consultations at the local level. Based on input from civil society, an annual training catalog is created. So far, annual training catalogs for improving the capacity of CSOs for 2019 and 2020 have been published. They contain information about the trainings and the months in which the trainings will take place. When designing training programs, a tailor-made approach for CSOs is used, so, in accordance with the needs of civil society, one part of the training is intended for less developed and the other for medium-developed organizations.

2019 Training Catalog

2020 Training Catalog

Capacity building of future fund managers (re-granting)

The Resource Center for Civil Society Organizations in Montenegro conducted training on the topic of Capacity Building of Future Fund Managers (re-granting).

This comprehensive capacity building training for future fund managers covered the entire re-granting cycle from program development to final evaluation of program results, required procedures and forms. The methods used by the trainers in the training included an ex-chair approach with examples and group work. The training program is tailored to medium-developed NGOs that already have at least some experience with re-granting. The training was led by colleagues from the NGO Center for Information, Cooperation and Development of Civil Society Organizations (CNVOS) from Slovenia.

Development of functional networks and
coalitions of CSOs in Montenegro

Podgorica, Hotel “Aurel” July 25, 2019

The workshop was attended by 16 participants (12 women and 4 men) from seven networks / coalitions in Montenegro.

The agenda of the workshop included the following topics:

• The concept, types and significance of NGO networks and coalitions
• SWOT analysis of current networks and coalitions in Montenegro
• Strategic planning and management of networks and coalitions
• Success factors and challenges in the work of networks and coalitions

Workshop goals:

•Strengthening the process of creating networks,
•Strengthening the effectiveness of CSOs
•Strengthening the quality of work of future and existing networks and their professionalization

Petrovac, Hotel “Palas” 15th -17th June 2020

The goal of this training is to increase knowledge of CSO networks representatives about the rules,
process and phases of strategic planning, which is why the practical work was on drafting strategic
plans of networks. Thus, participants, representatives of networks, defined their further directions
of development, specific areas of action, and precise steps in future work.
During the training, participants:
• Did a network environment analysis
• Performed a network capacity analysis
• Designed key network goals and activities for the next two years
• Drafted an operational action plan for the network for the next 2 years
• Defined rules in the decision-making and communication process within the network
In overall, 10 participants, representatives of 5 networks took part in the programme. Training was
held from 15th to 17th June 2020, in hotel Palas, in Petrovac.

Development of functional networks and coalitions of CSOs in Montenegro

In order to strengthen network creation, efficiency of the work of CSOs and the work of future and existing network and their professionalization the Resource center will develop a program for development of networks and coalitions for newly formed and already existing networks and coalitions. The program will consists of implementing a training program Development of functional networks and coalitions of CSOs in Montenegro that will be organised for 8 networks or coalitions of civil society organisations during the duration of the action. The training program will be held once  per year.

This program will also be a part of the annual catalogue of trainings and it will contribute to strengthening functional networks and coalitions of CSOs and their cooperation with the Resource center. Resource centers will provide the support to these networks in the future especially in the sense of communication support, support to the daily work and actions of these networks and the support in the sense of ensuring premises for meetings and press conferences.